Staff Nurse Joyce LOWREY

Detail of Stroud Memorial GrandstandPhoto:  Christine Bramble 2013

Detail of Stroud Memorial Grandstand
Photo: Christine Bramble 2013

Connection to the Hunter Valley – Staff Nurse Joyce Lowrey was born in Stroud and graduated from Wallsend District Hospital in 1917.  Along with her sisters she is named on the Stroud Memorial Grandstand and the honour roll of St John’s Anglican Church Stroud.

Service – Joyce applied to join the Australian  Army Nursing Service (AANS) but did so too late to be appointed for overseas service.

Joyce’s older sisters Bessie Lowrey, Olivia Lowrey and Violet Hazel Lowrey all served overseas as military nurses.


Sydney Morning Herald, 3 October 1917

Newcastle Museum 1995/38.1

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© Christine Bramble 2013

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