Sister Stammer or Stamner is a mystery.  All that is known of her is from two reports in local newspapers in December 1916:

The Cessnock Eagle 8 December 1916 stated that Sister Stammer has resigned from Cessnock Hospital “having been accepted for active service”.  The Maitland Mercury 9 December 1916, p.3 reports that Sister Stamner had been farewell  by the Committee of Cessnock Hospital as she was “leaving for nursing service abroad.”

There is no match for this woman in the Nominal Roll or Embarkation Roll of the First AIF, or service records.  Perhaps she had been accepted for service with the Red Cross.

Do you know more?

© Christine Bramble 2013

5 thoughts on “Sister STAMMER or STAMNER

  1. Annette

    Christine, I have found a reference on Trove to a Sister Stammer who is described in 1934 as the supervising nurse of the public health dept in Queensland. She was described as visiting a bush nursing facility at Southport.(Hobart Mercury 9.6.1936). As it is a very unusual name I wondered if this might not be our woman. Can you access any queensland records?

    1. Great War Nurses from Newcastle & the Hunter Region Post author

      Thanks Annette,
      I’ll follow it up. I’m on another project at the moment but will let you know when there’s anything new to report. Thanks again, I do appreciate your help.
      Cheers, Christine

  2. Alison McCallum

    Christine BRAMBLE:
    The nursing service abroad which Sister Clara Alice STAMMER was leaving for appears not to have been as a WW1 nurse, but service at GISBORNE HOSPITAL in New Zealand, she was a signatory to a petition, as detailed in this item
    Poverty Bay Herald, Volume XLIV, Issue 14314, 2 June 1917, Page 7——-10–1—-2Sister+C+Alice+Stammer–

    This and other items were located after Annette REES posted a query on 14 September 2014 at 11:42pm on the WW1 Australian and New Zealand Nurses Facebook group:
    Discussion and links to sources can be read at:

    1. Great War Nurses from Newcastle & the Hunter Region Post author

      Thanks, Alison, I’ll follow it up.

  3. Alison McCallum

    Annette Rees and Christine Bramble, the TROVE item is a reference to Southport in Tasmania, rather than Southport in Queensland. Sister STAMMER Supervising Nurse Public Health Department would be Sister Clara Alice STAMMER visiting Southport TASMANIA, going to the Southport Bush Nursing Centre with Mrs BAXTER Secretary of the Bush Nursing Association HOBART TASMANIA .
    there are 9 references to
    Sister Clara Alice Stammer MBE; in this document:

    Click to access 1Bardenhagen_whole_thesis.pdf

    ‘We were very much individuals on Our own’
    Marita E Bardenhagen BA
    This thesis is submitted in fulfilment of the requirements
    for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy
    School of History and Classics
    University of Tasmania
    October 2003


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